Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life changes by the hour.

It has been so long since I have posted on here. I have been getting older in the mean time.

Let me share some of the latest.
Ryan learned how to surf.
Kenan's hair is grown out big time.
Micah learned how to swim.
I am on my second week of personal boot camp. More to come.
Ryan is going to Mexico City in October!
Kenan Started school this week and wears a uniform. Currently his favorite thing to do is have lunch and play on the playground!
Micah had terrible swim ear that is healing as we speak and is totally lost without his big brother.
I am planning to take an amazing team of people to Africa in January.

My mom said something to me today. She said "you have been married to someone in ministry for 7 years". I just realized that. I guess that is an accomplishment. Thanks mom for that. We have been walking this mountain together and we are getting stronger.

I have been reading this book called "Crazy Love" first off it's intense. Second off it's really got me thinking about how I can't even begin to understand with my little mind how big God  truly is. It's beyond me.
These past few months I have been playing this song over and over in my mind. It's one that some day I will record but I want to share it with you. I feel that this is a song that has been laid on my heart for some time now. I am sure that Ryan is getting tired of me playing it over and over again. Read these words and try

Rise up

Mountains move from their foundations
and even the rocks cry out to You
Oceans clap and move into motion
in awe of you

Rise up all who call him God
Rise up all you nations who bow

Nothing can compare to You
Nothing can compare to You

Every blind man will see Your beauty
Every tongue confess Your truth.
Every high power bows all authority
In awe of you. In awe of you

Rise up all who call him God.
Rise up all you nations who bow

Abba Father,great I am, Matchless One Beginning and End
Abba Father Great I Am, Hope of all,Everlasting

Nothing can compare to you
Nothing can compare to you

It's hard because I can only imagine every tongue confessing and every high power bowing. It's a pretty lame picture compared to when it really happens.

I was reading "Crazy Love" last night and it talked about the dreams Isaiah had about God seated high on the Throne.  All I gotta say is if I was having those dreams I would totally be freaked just like him!
I took a study last fall about the same scriptures. We went into detail about the dreams. It's amazing really.

Better wrap it up. It's a good life.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hilariously-angry moments!

I was going to start this post off with a question. But then I decided that this is more of a fact of life when you are a "GROWING"Parent!

In the time that Ryan and I have been parents we have had some moments that make you just want to whip out the paddle from your purse or just crack up laughing all at the same time. Tonight was one of those moments.

I decided that since Ryan was going to be working late and the boys and I would need more then a full day of R&R. we would go to the hot spot, "Target." Every mom loves a good trip to Target.

For some reason, Target shopping is just not like it used to be before kids. Unless you get a chance to sneak away alone. Before, it was like taking all the time you needed in any section of your choice. Then taking more time in the places that you thought you might need something in.<Anybody with me?
 I know my brother in-law Bob is. Cause he was always getting after me and my older sister for going and spending all his and Ryan's money on a bunch of nothing. That still makes me laugh!  No, now its like when you are out with the kids Grabbing much needed things for home or whatever. The best chance you are going to get at a new tank from the women's section is anything within grabbing distance from the main isle.
Target did a great thing when they put in that snack bar and made all the kid friendly things super cheap! It just makes for a trail of popcorn all throughout the store when we are done though.

Tonight I was getting the boys some flip flops when my boys are sitting quietly sipping on their ice's that had been served by a crooked boy who decided that it was a good idea to flirt with a grown women with 2 kids. Flattering, but umm no thanks kid!

One of my long time friends called on my cell phone so I decided to answer. You can imagine what happens next. All the sudden it was like these 2 caged animal's were wanting to be set free in the shoe section and didn't care that momma was calling all sorts of threats under her breath to get them to come to a halt. I struggled my way through the conversation with my friend in a couple minutes then hung up the phone. It was like the calm after a huge storm! Both of the boys were just as still as could be and quiet. I just rolled my eyes and moved on.

Twenty minutes later we are all strapped in our seats and ready to make the trip home. Then my phone rings again. Its my BF who I have been playing phone tag with for the past few days. I pick up. What do ya know! Those rascals are at it again. But this time Micah is laughing his head off at the silly words kenan is saying. Then they both are in fits of laughter. Constantly........
 I am trying to get them to calm down while my friend is talking about her life a bit when I just can't stop smiling at what's going on in the back seat. But I want to pull my hair out and give up and just hang up the phone till these boys are home asleep.  What do I do? Muscle through it an listen and talk to my friend. Why? Because I know that this is not the last time this will happen. And I am crazy enough to just let them yell in the background. Tonight anyway.

The other day I had one of those moments when you take yourself completely out of the situation you are in and look at it for what it is. I have a poo pee life!
I am in the middle of what seems like forever potty training time. Micah has done a great job. But lately I have had to encounter a little more then a mom should have to in the poop department. When does the buck stop is all I have to say?!  Sunday was a catastrophic ordeal. That kid thinks he is pooing paint I tell ya! It was so bad I didn't know weather to clean him up first or the floor so I could get to him. That boy ended up stripped down and got the sink bath at church. Then the next night him and kenan are on their way up the stairs to get a diaper for "another"!!!! That kenan Pulls on his underpants and what do you know its allover the stairs!. I just sat on the stairs didn't know weather to laugh or cry about it again and asked myself. Where in the WORLD is Ryan when all this is happening????? It seems like that man is always gone when this is going on. Lucky!

My kids are going to hate me for blogging about them when they are older!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's been going on!


It seems like forever. I am sorry I have not been keeping this up as I had planned. 
The past month I have logged on in hopes of writing something, and ended up with a bunch of drafts. I don't know why I didn't end up posting anything, other then the fact that I have a million things to say but only a few that actually hold any weight.

Here's what's going on lately.

Last week I started the Daniel Fast with a friend. We are going to be doing it for 40 days. A friend of mine was telling me that she was going to do it and I just jumped on board with it. At first I has no clue as to why I was going to do it. ( Most of us have a particular great Godly reason for Fasting. I, at the time didn't really. But as I have taken a week of Fasting and focusing on the foods that I can eat, I have learned something. "That its what you put into it, that counts". <The outcome is always great when you take the time to invest in something.

Things have a crazy way of working them selves out when it comes to life. And they really have a crazy way, when it comes to Gods timing inter twined with our lives.

Monday was kickoff day and Tuesday was when I attended bible study. I missed the first week of study so this last week I have had 2 weeks of study to catch up on. I don't know if any of you have taken a Beth Moore study. But if so you know that it is a good 45min a day devo time. 

It has been great for me though. I have really been challenged this week. Not only in the Fasting period but also in the study we are taking. I have never really read the story of Jonathan and it totally blew me away.  If you have not read it you should! 1Samuel 14:1-23  

The thing that totally got me was when Jonathan told his armor bearer this "Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf." "Nothing can Hinder the Lord from saving" weather by many or by few."

What I took from that is that Jonathan had so much "faith" in God that he was totally confident in what he was about to do. I also took that He "REALLY" knew what and who GOD was. Enough to have that confidence in God to just climb up that wall and tell his bearer to come on up behind me.

This is something that Beth Moore wrote in my  work book.

Consider how ^ these statements reveal Jonathan's distinct perception of God's ways: Jonathan knew the Lord could save, no matter who or how many were fighting in the battle, In fact, he knew that if God chose to save, nothing could hinder Him. His faith in God's strength and determination was Solid: God could do anything. His only question was weather God would choose to do it through them that day. Re read Jonathan's words: Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf." He knew God could do it; he didn't know if He would Weather or not He did, Jonathan understood God's response to be based on sovereignty, not weakness, Jonathan's attitude reminds us of many other young men in the bible that faced the strong possibility of death.

I would like to have a faith like that. That would just climb up to any defeat and say what Jonathan said.

Shadrach,Meshach and Abendnego did the same thing in Daniel 3:16-18

Shardrach,Meshach and Abendnego replied to the king,"O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O King. (18) But even if he does not, we want you to know, O King that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.

("But even if he does not" "We want you to know") That takes guts! 

Only in a week I have learned so much in some scriptures that I have skimmed over a million times. God is good and Faithful when we have an open ear to him and are willing to make a change in our lives. I am in the process of an entire life overhaul. Everything about my life has changed since we have moved to Georgia. Not that my life was bad before. Its just totally different. I have challenges now that I have never had before. From not having a job and staying home full time to making new friends and finding my place in the ministries that God has place before me.< I have never been in charge of a ministry before and I have just taken over the Hospitality ministry at our church. I love it, but also have no clue how to do it.    It's safe to say that God is stretching me and building me up to what he has planned for my life. And I know this is all part of the plan.

until next time.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Toddler training!

Well, it has been way to long. I feel like I have been in a warp zone the past couple months and just slowing down again. Even though I couldn't really tell you what I have truly been busy with other then the basics of life.  We have been loving Savannah and the church we are serving at. We have made some great friends here and continue to build relationships with people in the community. God has blessed us so much in our lives and we are truly thankful.

What's going on lately?

Well last tuesday I decided it was time to potty train Micah. He has been mildly interested in it and could care less if his pants are full of that (You know)...... Anyway I gave it a good go for the entire week. Everyday we got up and slipped on some of Kenan's transformers of army undies and set the 20min timer. We had luck by thursday he went on the toilet for the first time....;) since then it has been an upward battle.

Many people have asked me if it is harder with the second Kid. I think for me and Ryan it has been easier. Partly because we know what to expect. Plus when we had kenan NONE of our friends had kids except my older sister's. So we were learning together. Thankfully I have 2 laid back boys! That does help in the matter.

As of now we are loving life and we are super thankful for what God is doing in us and through us.
If you have a minute please pray for our house to sell in Wichita!

And if you are wanting to potty train or know someone who is.

All ya need is:

toilet ring
step stool.
And be patient. Worked 2 times for me.:)